Ever notice how great TV and books have passionate fans? Your biz can too, once you realize your customer is the main character of the story. Get them to fall in love and buy more with FREE StoryJuice secrets.

Every business is a fantasy

and your customer is the center of the story. 

Can’t figure out why your customers aren’t buying?

 Hi, I’m Jen!

I help you find your people and sell to them with their juicy fantasy story. Because your marketing will only work when you entice them with the life they want to live, and the person they want to be. When you show them their fantasy.


It starts with yours.

I help you understand who is a perfect customer match for your brand. I know how to read them – their desires, fears, and fantasies. Then, I write the content for your website and sales pages with juicy stories that attract your customer and persuade them to buy.

Make them want you. So much.

When you know your customer’s story, you’ll be able to connect and resonate with them in all of your marketing messages… on your website, in your sales pages, emails, social media, everything.

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