Don’t let your brand tell a boring story.

Because your brand is more than a list of product benefits, and it’s more than a perfectly crafted headline. It’s even more than a story.

Much more.


Your brand is YOU.

I make sure the language of your brand reflects who you are, with words that attract the customers you dream of working with. The clients of your wildest fantasies.


And your fantasies are not boring.

Neither are your customers! When I write about your brand, your customers feel their fantasy come to life – how you help them become the person they want to be.


I read into their heads and hearts, and put it on the page.

Writing down a fantasy is the first step to making it come true.


Hi! I’m Jen, the Founder and Chief Fantasy Copywriter for Much.

Why #Fantasy?

I love to daydream and fantasize about my life. I used to think that had nothing to do with business. And then I realized it has everything to do with business.

Because during my 15 years working for radio broadcast and advertising agencies, I did a lot of selling. And copywriting (i.e. selling with words).

That’s where I discovered that logic doesn’t make the sale. #Fantasy does.

You see, whenever we buy something, we are buying it to improve our life. We are buying it to be the person in the story that we want to live.

So I did something that everyone told me I was crazy to do, and I quit my job to become a professional writer. It was time to start making my own fantasies come true!

My magic is in reading your customer. I can hear the hidden conversation going on in their head. I see their inner desires and secret aspirations. So when I write for you, I show them how your magic helps them achieve their biggest dreams.

And it all starts with helping you embrace your own fantasies, including the customers and projects you’d love to work with most.

Dancing every chance I get and eating #ChocolateForBreakfast doesn’t hurt either!

And I’m on a mission to encourage you do the same.

Because when you prioritize pleasure in your daily life, and show outrageous love to your desires, you don’t just improve your life.

You become a #LivingFantasy.

Awww, I’m blushing…

Thank you so much for everything, I loved working with you!  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help in finding my story and giving me the courage to be present and authentic on such a public platform – your work is absolutely brilliant and inspiring. I have no doubt my clients and future clients will be able to relate to me and my journey… from a space of truth, connection and inspiration.
Tracy Siegel

Owner and Holistic Nutritionist, Pure Nutrition

Up until I had hired Jen I hadnt really thought of who I was looking to attract. She was able to hone in on a niche group that Im confident will bring good results. The whole process was eye opening. I do a lot of marketing and realize how much better it can be with the help of someone talented. I was very happy with the copy. It was well written and really targeted my client.
Tarin Ward

President, AIP Real Estate Group

You were a pleasure to work with! I was very impressed with the research you did to identify my ideal client so you could craft my About Me page to speak directly to her. It was so well written that I submitted the same exact copy for an article in a magazine that featured me, and they didn’t make a single edit to it. I am recommending you to everybody!
Colleen Bourassa

Owner and Executive Distributor, Ageless Beauty and Wellness / Nu Skin

We were very satisfied with the final copy. It is a different tone then we would normally write in, so the process did open us up to different ways to speak to prospects.  We also had some new insights into our value proposition. You took the time to understand our business and our goals so the copy would reflect that.
Stephen Machin

Price Expert, Price Controllers

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