Other writers write.

I bring you more customers with words.

Not just any ol’ words.

Words that make them drop everything to keep reading your page. Words that compel them to action with your heartening story. Words that lavish them with comforting hope they can improve their life.

Choose the right words, and you become acutely more valuable. Stand out with your story, and you can demand higher prices than your competition.

And when your words make them feel like the person they want to become, you give them reason – the only reason they really need – to buy from you.

Because anyone can pick the colors, font, and logo for their brand, but not every brand knows how to tell the story that resonates with the way your ideal customers want to be seen and spoken to.

That’s where I come in. I choose the words that make them feel their fantasy. I write the story that reassures them you’ve got what they want.

What’s your reason?

Does your brain get clogged when you try to write about your own brand? Or maybe you’re on a deadline… or your calendar’s mad jammed… or-rrrrr perhaps you’d rather clean a toilet than sit down and scribble out a page of sales copy.

These are all great reasons to hire a writer.

But none of them are the REAL reason you should hire ME.

I know how to find your customers’ fears, desires, and #fantasies. FAST.

You could spend weeks, even YEARS, researching your customer so that you can understand them on a deeper level.

Or you can hire me to understand them NOW. And get your pages written with the words that show them how you’re going the help them live the life they want to live.

The words that give them a reason to buy.

Are you ready to give them a reason?

First things first. We work together to make sure YOU understand your ideal customer SO MUCH, that you’ll feel like you know them as well as your Facebook friends. Actually, make that a real-life longtime family friend that you can pick up a conversation with, even after all these years.

 Once you know exactly who you’re talking to, then we can show them how you help them become the person they want to be, so they can’t wait to work with you! I’ll practically hold their hands and guide them through all the pages of your website with words that reflect exactly who YOU are, SO MUCH.

If you’re launching a new course, big event, or other passion project, you’ll need a full series of sales copy. I’ll write all the pieces so that YOU can focus SO MUCH on creating the magic for your launch. I’ve got you covered from the launch emails, to the video scripts, to the sales/landing page with the final call-to-action button that compels them to say YES!

Thousand Threads

Holding Hands

Magic Reveal


You fill out a questionnaire about your brand and offering, and then we set up a half-hour chat. I do further research and then I provide you a full Creative Brief for the language of your brand. I call it Thousand Threads. 

Your Thousand Threads will have a description of your Avatar – your ONE ideal customer – in storied detail. The journey have they been through, the struggles they have experienced. The things they are worried about, the things that bring them joy, and the fantasies they have for their life.

I also include all the elements you need to have sales conversation with them:

  • Your Brand Tone
  • Benefits vs. Features
  • Objections
  • Customer Awareness and Sophistication,
  • Competitive Summary

When your Thousand Thread package is complete, you’ll have a document that you can use as the basis to develop all of your sales and marketing communications for your business.



After we develop the Thousand Threads creative brief for the language of your brand (see description to your left), we decide on which 3 website pages you need to entice your customers to work with you. I’ll also include the copy for your lead magnet to collect leads and build your email list, AND a brief bio and tagline suggestions too!

You get all the writing you need to get your website ready to sell your stuff:

  • Thousand Threads
  • Home Page Copy
  • Lead Magnet Offer Copy
  • About Me Page Copy
  • Work With Me Page Copy
  • Bio Copy
  • Tagline

When your Holding Hands copy package is complete, you’ll have a website that tells your brand story and attracts the customers you dream of working with.


*Full package and single page pricing available.


After we develop the Fantasy Foundations creative brief for the language of your brand (see description in left column), we’ll work together on mapping out your timeline for the launch. Then I’ll write your Sales Landing Page first, and the script for the video that you’ll include on the page. After that, I’ll deliver the emails and Facebook ads that will drive people to go to the sales page to sign up for your magic!

You get all the writing you need to launch your project:

  • Thousand Threads
  • Copy for 3 Pre-Launch Emails
  • Sales/Landing Page Copy
  • Video Script Copy
  • Copy for 2 Facebook Ads Copy
  • Copy for 3 Follow-up Emails

When your Magic Reveal package is complete, you’ll have the complete set of marketing messages that’ll make your launch stand out and above all the rest.


*Individual email and sales page pricing also available.

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